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Build your dream home the way you built your wealth. Wisely.

In choosing a contractor to remodel your home, use the same skill and judgment you used to build your wealth. You know that strong relationships make for successful outcomes—along with good communication and proactive planning. That’s what motivates our successful clients to work with NDG.


We don’t assume that you have money to burn. On the other hand, we don’t do things on the cheap either. In most cases, that results in shoddy workmanship and expensive do-overs. Our motto, simply, is to do it right and do it once. On rare occasions when we do make a mistake, we own it, make it right, and move forward.

Come to us with a budget, and we’ll tell you if we can make it work. Unlike many contractors, we don’t wait ‘til you sign the contract to say you’ve underestimated the cost. We’ll tell you upfront.

We’ll explain every step of our process and justify every item on our estimate. If our pricing exceeds what you are comfortable spending, we can work with you to reduce the project scope to bring it in line with what you are able to spend. Like you, we expect fair compensation for a job well done.

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