Custom Home Remodels in Anne Arundel County

Why Choose Nielsen Development Group  

At Nielsen Development Group, we’re the home builders that architects trust. 98% of our new clients are referred by past clients, which says a lot about our client satisfaction levels. We are the best in the industry, and our goal is to build deep, lasting relationships and get each job done with honesty and integrity. We will always show up on time, give honest and constructive feedback, and communicate throughout the life of your project. Each member of our team is highly skilled and experienced and committed to quality workmanship and exceptional customer service. We want to find creative, lasting solutions and help you bring your vision of your dream home to life.

New Builds, Custom Home Remodels, and Home Renovations and Additions

We want to help you build your dream home or remodel your home and create the masterpiece you have always wanted. Our team has extensive experience working with qualified architects on complex projects. We respect and support the job an architect does on a remodel or new build, and they respect us because they can see that we put in the work, don’t cut corners, and have established a stellar reputation in the industry. We will work closely with your architect throughout your new build, custom home remodel, or home renovation and addition. Our team can handle start to finish land development, including clearing lots, building foundations, taking care of civil and architectural planning, and managing the permitting processes.

  • Initial consultation – We will schedule an initial consultation with our operations director to discuss your goals, vision, and budget. We refuse to cut corners and complete jobs cheaply because that will only result in you spending more money down the road when materials start to break down. If you come to us with your budget, we will evaluate your needs and let you know if we can make it work within your budget.
  • Estimate – We offer upfront estimates and explain every single cost in our estimate, so you know exactly what you’re getting. If our estimate is too high, we’ll work with you to adjust your plans to fit within your budget.
  • Architect referral – We will determine if an architect is needed for your project, and if so, refer you to one we have worked with before, or use the architect you prefer.
  • Planning and design – We will draw up all plans and designs for your approval.
  • Bid – We will bid on the project.
  • Execution – If our bid is accepted, we will draw up a contract for your review and signature and schedule all phases of your project.

Review Our Values and Mission

Our mission is to transform your home into your dream home so that it is a true, lasting investment in your future. We are masters of our craft, and we can find solutions to any problem. We specialize in home remodels, custom home renovations, home additions, new builds and construction, painting, roofing services, and real estate consulting. We value our customer relationships and do everything we can to ensure a lifelong relationship. We offer custom, high-end work and we are very selective about what work we will take on because we take pride in our work and only want the finest end product possible. When you work with us, we’ll exceed your expectations every single day.

Take the First Step on Your Home Remodel Journey

If you’re ready to take the first steps towards a custom home remodel in Anne Arundel County, call us today or contact us online. We’ll schedule an initial consultation with our operations director to assess your home and go over your budget, goals, and vision.